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Calvet bravely fighting for podium!

The young driver of a Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing team is currently 3rd after Round 6 of the ETRC Digital series. With a brave drive, he managed to keep the European champions Kiss and Albacete behind. Adam Lacko and Aliyyah Koloc keep improving.


Calvet bravely fighting for podium!

The last weekend saw the 6th round of the European Truck Virtual Racing Championship at Zolder, Belgium. Previous virtual winners Kiss and Calvet were joined by Sascha Lenz a Jamie Anderson.


Once again, the Buggyra Zero Mileage Racing had the biggest representation on the grid. The most successful driver of them was a talented Téo Calvet. In Race 2, he repeated his heroic drive from Nürburgring and did not let Norbert Kiss, a two-time truck champion, to pass him. “It was a difficult week. From Wednesday to Friday, we were testing VK50 and DV50 at Nogaro circuit, and on Sunday, we were doing a virtual race at Zolder. In Race 1, I was able to stay ahead of Albacete to finish in the 3rd place. It’s just a shame that I and Kiss didn’t fight for the win in the other race, but only for 4th position. But I finally know how to keep him behind,” said Calvet.

This Race 2 battle was also spiced up by Sascha Lenz, who managed to get ahead of both drivers to finish 3rd, on the podium. Thanks to Calvet’s great job, who kept Kiss behind him, Jamie Anderson could celebrate his first virtual win of the season.


Adam Lacko managed to repeat his personal best at Zolder, by finishing 6th in the first race. “I keep working on my pace. This time, we tried to turn off the light in the room with the simulators. That made it better and I was able to concentrate much more on the drive,” said the 2007 European champion.


The 16-year-old Aliyyah Koloc is heading into the final two races with a strong determination. The youngest driver in the championship is improving in every lap. In Race 2, she was even able to beat her own time from qualifying. “I’m glad that I can take part in this virtual championship. It really helps me to learn the tracks, before I race on them in a real life. While I know Most very well, it was my debut at Zolder and I can’t wait to drive there in reality,” said Koloc, mentioning the Round 2 of the European Truck Racing Championship that is scheduled to take place in mid-September.

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