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Petr Bosnakov - 04.12.2020

‘Casale is a champ, but it is going to be very tough for him’ says Josef Macháček

In Dakar Rally 2021, the Buggyra Racing is entering two drivers, who will be known for competing in multiple categories in their careers. While Josef Macháček switched from quad bikes to Can-Am buggies already in 2020, the current champion Ignacio Casale is preparing for his debut in a Tatra Phoenix truck.


‘Casale is a champ, but it is going to be very tough for him’ says Josef Macháček

It is the same when switching from bikes to cars, and even in case of moving from quad bikes to Can-Ams, the rider is moving from hell into a paradise. “Peterhansel must have felt like in a completely different world. On a bike, you need to be in even better physical shape and the navigation is much more difficult. In the car, you have a navigator, and you can focus on driving better,” says the five-time winner in a quad bike category. “While the switch from quad bikes to Can-Ams isn’t that huge, still, the idea of ever coming back to bikes is just not attractive at all.”


But the Buggyra has decided to try something very different when it comes to drivers who have experienced multiple categories. The three-time quad bike champion Ignacio Casale is moving to a Tatra Buggyra Racing team to race with a truck. “Martin Koloc said that Casale just didn’t enjoy beating his competition by tens of minutes and that he needed a new challenge. I agree with that and also Ignacio has previous experience with trucks, even though only as a navigator, but he knows what he’s going into,” says Josef Macháček, but he also expects that it is going to be extremely difficult for the Chilean driver. “He’s going to face the best of the best, such a vehicle that weighs multiple tons behaves very differently than a quad bike in the dunes. Sure, he’s a top racer, but he’s going to need some time.”


While there is only one Dakar, Josef Macháček believes that there is only one thing that unites all five categories – cars, bikes, trucks, side-by-side and quad bikes. “It’s being stupid, because you go into it, even though you know, what you’re facing,” he laughs.

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