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Champion ´s Lesson at Misano!

Champion ´s Lesson at Misano!

A single day was sufficient for David Vršecký to get used to “his” new Buggyra. Today David showed his champion form and rightly celebrated his first victory in this season!

David laid the foundations for his victory in the time practice, where he ranked second! And believed that this result might even improve. “We seem to be approaching the ideal setting. We have considerably improved traction and so the truck behaves substantially better than yesterday. And as the pole position is on the left and the first curve turns to the right I can feel a moderate advantage. I am looking forward to the race,” said David after the end of the time practice. David ´s prediction came true immediately after start and the European Champion smoothly overtook his formed team mate Bösiger. "I am proud of the start. Markus leaned against me a little but it did not help him at all. Then he was struck to me like a tick. But I bet on my better knowledge of my truck," commented Vršecký on the progress of the first three rounds. David ´s first victory of the season was decided in the very finish, when he left the pair Bösiger – Hahn far behind. In the finish he was obviously shining with happiness. "Wonderful. I am so happy and I would like to thank my whole team. We have proved again that we know how to win even with the new truck." Results: Vršecký, Bösiger, Hahn, Östreich, Albacete, Levett.

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