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Chassis Works Continue

Chassis Works Continue

Even though David Vršecký shortened his originally planned stay in Dakar by a week he immediately engaged in the happenings at the Buggyra Technology Centre after arrival. "I originally planned to take a little longer rest but my organism adapted to the Czech climate more quickly that I expected.

And so I set off for the BTC. And I found out with satisfaction that all worked at full steam while we were away," described David the end of the past working week. The construction of the racing special for 2011 season progresses pursuant to the original assumptions, following the words of the double European champion. "We would like to have the complete chassis ready by January. After that the paint shop will take its turn and then the construction of the first vehicle." The team management plans the first testing for February. Regarding the domestic climatic conditions the first tests of the new racing special will take place abroad. "Yes, it is true, we will be testing outside the Czech Republic with another racing team. I am not prepared to say anything more about this now," added David laconically.

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