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Chris Reaches the Rostrum!

Chris Reaches the Rostrum!

Chris Levett managed to use the advantage of start from the first row to achieve the overall third ranking in the handicap race, thus winning the first cup for Buggyra this season. David Vršecký ended in the fifth lap after a collision with the Russian Lvov!

Chris laid the foundation for his first climb up the winners´ rostrum this season by an excellent start, after which he overtook Janiec. The following eight laps he then held the leading rank. “It is a nice feeling but I am a realist. I received information from the pits that Jochen Hahn was rushing behind me. Jochen had no competitors in Misano,” described Chris the first two thirds of the race. For another four laps he defended his advantage against the quickly approaching Antonio Albacete. He was defeated by the tripe champion at the very end of the race. "I am not thinking whether I scored one point more or less. What is really important to me is the winners´ rostrum. The team deserves that for all the excellent work they have been doing.”

David Vršecký though about he winners´ rostrum as well after his fourth rank in the cup race. But his ambition was ended in the fifth lap by a collision with the Russian trucker Lvov. David Vršecký: "What can you do, one needs to know how to cope with failures. Anyway, I would like to sincerely congratulate to Chris and to say that I am really happy about his cup. I hope his cup is the beginning of a better period for us.”

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