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Classic Testing

Classic Testing

This morning the Buggyra International Racing System Team started testing in Most for the 2011 racing season. Everybody from the closest surroundings of the Roudnice team believes that it will be more successful than the past one.

"While last year we started virtually from the scratch, this year we have a lot of data and experience from live races," the racing engineer Robin Dolejš openly expresses his optimism. In his opinion successful development of Buggyra 2011 will not even be negatively affected by Vršecký´s engagement in Rally Dakar. “This testing is mainly about evaluation of the results of the past season. Even though especially its last part was not very successful, we kept moving forward. And we would like to follow this trend." Although most teams do not publish their testing intentions, David Vršecký does not hide that he can see the biggest reserves in the behaviour of the rear axle. "We are preparing for a big change, which we did not have time to implement while the season was in progress. In addition the truck looked very good after Nürburgring and Smolensk, and therefore we decided that there was no point taking the risk,” said David adding that Buggyra again bet on the classic testing. "One truck will ride with this year ´s configuration and the other with the setting for the next season. At this moment we do not admit any doubt and we cannot see the necessity to start from the very beginning again. We do not have the slightest reason for this."

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