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Continuing Bad Luck

Continuing Bad Luck

David Vršecký will be able to speak about considerable misfortune after the racing weekend in Nogaro! While yesterday in the first cup race he fought against the growing fatigue of his engine, today the blow came right in the beginning.

It was not a misfortune for David, who started from the sixth position in the starting grid pursuant to the result in the super field, but a physical blow received from Markus Östreich after start. Regarding the score ambitions of our pilot the blow was as serious as a misfortune. Paradoxically enough, David was the victim of a duel between team mates Östreich and Lacko. "After start Markus tried to overtake Adam and closed me in completely. The collision was unavoidable then," described David the opening part of the race. While the race ended for the German trucker, the pilot from Roudnice continued with a really adrenalin ride. “Yesterday I hypnotised the dials. Today after the first right turn I notices a problem with steering. I only turned to the right by force of my will. After the race I recognised the significance of body building." Despite that David remained two ranks from the lowest scored rank. "I am not sure whether the decision was right from the tactical point of view, but you have to fight against misfortunes. In addition I will not start the last race form the last row," explained David after the race.

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