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Could Not Be Better!

Could Not Be Better!

A heroic performance was David Vršecký´s last race in Jarama. After start from the last row he finally ranked ninth in the crowded circuit.

Just for illustration, to achieve this result David had to overtake twenty trucks. Still in the course of the first lap he moved to the seventeenth rank. In the fifth lap he already ranked eleventh. “At that moment I was driven forward by double motivation. To overtake Frankie Vojtíšek and to at least achieve the historic minimum of this weekend, that is two points, scored here in the 2006 season," said David with a little of sarcasm. He successfully fulfilled both resolutions, when in the seventh lap he reached the final ninth rank. “It could not be better, under the given circumstances. Two points are more than zero. Anyway, this was the least successful weekend in my career for the past six seasons. We have to consolidate forces before Le Mans."

Michal Matějovský eventually ranked twelfth. "I have accelerated again, the twelfth rank is not so bad in such a crowded race. So overall I am satisfied,” assessed Michal his own performance. 

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