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Luboš Veselý - 13.01.2019

Crews Use Free Day for Rest and Strength Renewal. Second Half of Dakar about to Start!

Crews Use Free Day for Rest and Strength Renewal. Second Half of Dakar about to Start!

Both crews of the Tatra Buggyra Racing team, above all Martin Šoltys´, tried to take a little rest after the demanding first racing week. The mechanics prepared their Tatras for the second half of the Dakar Rally, in which Martin Kolomý will return to race again.


The rest day is over, although “rest” is a confusing term, as not the whole team could relax. The mechanics worked hard all day on the trucks to prepare them for the second half of the race. Martin Šoltys and his crew could take a proper rest after the marathon stage and renew the much needed strengths. Today we have received the official “stamp” that Martin Kolomý is registered for the “Small Dakar”. The rules are a little specific for the Small Dakar participants in that all these “fallers-out” will start as the last after all full participants. For the second stage of the latter half they will already start according to their ranks but not better than from 25th position in the starting order down. Although this is a little handicap it is to protect those pilots who are still in the battle for the overall top ranks. A stage victory is possible of course,” explains the team manager Jan Kalivoda the rules of this year´s new development in the competition regulations. “We have considered all variants but Martin Šoltys is our clear priority now, as he is still in the race as a “full-blooded” participant. This is not that we do not want Martin Kolomý to achieve the best possible results in the individual stages. But his strategy will certainly be subordinated to all possible help provided as quickly as possible to Martin Šoltys should he need it,“ he adds.


We have made a lot of work on the Tatra in the course of the rest day. It is refurbished all over. We replaced what could be replaced and checked the rest. So the truck should be prepared like new. I tried to rest all day for I really needed it, I was much tired. Tomorrow we will start the second half of the race. I will try to keep my tempo but mainly to finish every stage. Good that Marťas will be in again. It is a psychic support to know that there is somebody behind me, that I am not alone in it,“ said on the rest day the pilot of Tatra number 515, Martin Šoltys.


Martin Kolomý could not wait for Sunday to begin. “We are relaxed properly, having had one rest day in addition. The truck is prepared so we look forward to the new start on Sunday. The whole crew had to go through a medical examination again, luckily we all passed. The technical commissioner checked the truck all over again, we received his stamp and now are permitted to start for the next stage of the race tomorrow. The condition is a little worse for we start from the very bottom of the starting field but we will try to get forward as quickly as possible to be of help to Martin should he need us.“


On Sunday the sixth stage awaits, this time from Arequipa to San Juan de Marcona. The stage will include a 501 km long pass and a 309 km long race.

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