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Cup Drama with A Happy Ending!

Cup Drama with A Happy Ending!

First a collision and a threat of premature termination of the race right in the first lap. Then a fantastic race, the fifth rank and the scalp of Jochen Hahn.

David Vršecký clearly was not bored in Zolder today! David started from the sixth position with the aim to fight his way through to more advantageous ranks as soon as possible. Uwe Nittel (!!!) was against as usual, right after start sending Körber spinning. Körber´s uncontrollable truck hit the side of Vršecký´s racing special. "I said to myself that it was the end for me. I received a heavy blow. I drove with my side forward for a couple of dozen meters. Then a miracle happened and I began to drive again. To my great surprise I realized that I ranked sixth still,” said Vršecký after the race. Further progress of the race for Vršecký was marked by his duel with Jochen Hahn. Two laps before the end of the race David only lost a couple of centimetres behind Jochen´s special, performing an exemplary manoeuvre right before the end of the race and moving one rank up to the fifth. And as one victory bears another, in the last lap he tried to attack the fourth Östreich. He eventually lost a mere tenth of a second behind him. "A super race, I enjoyed the racing very much. What a pity I could not beat Markus, I would have needed just another couple of hundred meters. Luckily this is not the end of all racing," assessed David his performance. Chris Levett started from the ninth position with the resolution to get the best possible starting position for the handicap race. He fulfilled his objective, when he finally ranked seventh and won the first row at the start of the handicap race next to the Hungarian trucker Kiss.

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