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Czech National Anthem and Ambassador´s Congratulations for Lacko

Czech National Anthem and Ambassador´s Congratulations for Lacko

The first day of the fourth racing weekend of the European Race Truck Championship in Nogaro, France, was controlled by the Czech pilot Lacko who scored 30 points. Even though Adam did not enter the weekend with any excellent result in the free practice, he arranged for the Czech national anthem to be played in France. David Vršecký rather struggled against unfavourable fate today.

Saturday: Super Pole

Following Friday free practice and various social events, partly affected by unexpected rain, the time practice was scheduled for Saturday morning. The time practice was already held under bright skies at temperatures above 30 degrees Centigrade, which reflected in the ranking. Although the first comparison of forces ended most favourably for the current leader of the championship Kiss, his quickest measured lap time was cancelled for blocking Lacko and thus he dropped to the fourth rank. And so Adam Lacko obtained the first row in the starting grid of the first race of the weekend shared with Jochen Hahn. “I cannot understand what the Hungarian did there, so I am glad that the commissionaires finally decided as they did. His manoeuvre was dangerous and unexpected and I am only glad nobody was hurt by that,“ commended Adam Lacko on his advance to the second best starting position. His team mate David Vršecký had the fifth best lap time. “Yesterday things looked much better. I already began to think that we eventually found a recipe for moving forward and stop picking just potatoes, but it was probably a premature assessment. I will have to work hard in the race.“

Cup Race 1

Adam started the first race in the South of France excellently, giving no chance to Jochen and taking the lead after the first series of curves where the two pilots drove side by side. Then he controlled the race well and arranged for the Czech national anthem to be played at the prize-giving ceremony. “That was fantastic. If anybody had told me that after the frustration of yesterday I would have thought him crazy,” were the first words of Adam Lacko. “The start was quite late but I was ready and covered the trail. I must say Jochen drove well, but I managed to overtake him and that was the moment when the race was decided. I was surprised by Kiss whom I expected to try to get in front of us but he eventually ranked seventh,” described the satisfied Lacko the progress of the race, having received the gold cup for the first rank from the Ambassador of the Czech Republic in France, Her Excellency Marie Chatardvová. On the other side of the imaginary barricade the other team pilot David Vršecký struggled with completely different obstacles. “Immediately after start Reinert punched my rear tyre and I had to work hard to even reach the finish. I am happy with the point for the fourth rank.”

Cup Race 2

The first row of the starting grid of the second race of the day was occupied by the leader of the championship Norbert Kiss and the domestic pilot Anthony Janiec. Although the French pilot was literally pushed forward by the local fans, Kiss took the lead and eventually ranked first at the end of the race. David collided with Albacete and Steffi Halma at the beginning of the race and was not happy about that at all. “Albacete simply shot me down. Luckily for me there was still Steffi in front of me who paid for the collision with a drop to the eighth rank. Even Adam got in front of me and so I only watched for Hahn behind me. Things must be better tomorrow.“ The overall winner of the day was Adam Lacko with 30 score points for the day, including ten points for the fourth rank in the second race. “After start I took the fifth rank after Albacete and tried to overtake him for a couple of times. We even drove side by side about three times but Antonio did not make any mistake and so I get a potato in the end,” said Lacko. He and David continue to rank first in the Constructors´ Cup with an advantage of 22 points over the second MAN team OXXO.

Sunday: Super Pole 

Adam entered the Sunday tournament with the quickest lap time and easy advance to the Super Pole. There he improved his lap time even further, thus securing start from the first row for himself, with the pole position still reserved for the Hungarian pilot Kiss. “Luxury, I am satisfied. The truck works excellently. I think the second starting position is even better at Nogaro. Yesterday I managed to win, I will see what I can get from it today,“ was the enthusiastic speech of the second pilot of the overall ranking. David Vršecký tried a new setting and eventually achieved the fifth best lap time. “We decided for some changes in the chassis setting, for me to at least move to the second starting row. Our plan did not materialise as expected and I only managed the fifth best lap time,” was the disappointed comment on the feelings of Vršecký. 


Cup Race 3 

The start of the race brought no surprise and all pilots maintained their starting positions. Adam Lacko was close to the only change in ranking, when after a good start he seemed to be able to take the lead. “In the first curve Kiss locked me out and the result was some scratches and loss of the hope. “ Adam then attacked the current championship leader for the whole race but even the quickest lap of the race, which he achieved in the second lap, did not help. Kiss made no mistake and added another victory to his account. “I did my best and the second rank is to my satisfaction. I again improved my advantage over Hahn by a couple of points.” David Vršecký avoided collisions as well as technical problems this time and ranked fifth. “At last I could race and affect the result myself, without external interference. I had Antonio within gunshot but he did not give me any chance to overtake him,” concluded Vršecký on the third race of the weekend. 


Cup Race 4 

The last race, watched by 38,963 spectators, following official data, was controlled by the local pilot Anthony Janiec, supported by great applause of the audience. He took the lead immediately after start and did not let anybody in front of him throughout the race. David Vršecký was through another race after which he turned his head in disbelief. “The start looked well but then Steffi stepped in and I dropped to the fifth rank. Then Kiss sent me of the track and that was the end of the hopes. I would like to reserve further comments. I´d rather forget about everything and prepare for one of the peaks of this season, the German Nürburgring next week,“ described David the progress of the last race, thanks to which he dropped to the overall fifth rank after the Spaniard Albacete, with the loss of a mere one point. Adam Lacko ranked seventh and his overall result of this weekend is second overall rank after Kiss with a loss of mere three score points. “This was the best possible performance in the heat here. Antonio hit me a little after start and I only watched for staying on the road. But my feelings of the weekend are good and I am already looking forward to Germany,“ was Lacko ´s conclusion at the end of the weekend. 


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