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Petr Bosnakov - 11.12.2020

Dakar Rally 2021 means a fresh start for me…

Josef Macháček and Tomáš Enge spent the last week in sand dunes in Dubai, as part of their preparation for the Dakar Rally 2021, which is quickly coming.


Dakar Rally 2021 means a fresh start for me…

In January, the five-time quad bike category winner Josef Macháček had a successful Buggyra debut in the Side-by-Side category. Now, he has already moved into the role of mentor. “Considering the fact that most of the races had been cancelled, it was pretty much my debut in dunes. Josef threw me into the water, just to grab my hand when it looked like I was drowning, pull me out and tell me what to do better,” says Tomáš Enge about the attitude of the Dakar legend. “This kind of communication really suits me, and I think I’ve made decent progress. However, just like it’s on asphalt or gravel, there’s never enough kilometres in the dunes…”


According to Josef Macháček, for Tomáš the most important thing, if he wants to be successful in Dakar and finish the race, is the switch from a racer mode to a Dakar humbleness. “First, I didn’t really understand, because I was just walking around in comparison to Josef. But now I understand,” says the only Czech driver to ever race in Formula 1 and Indianapolis 500, who also took a category win in a legendary 24 hours of Le Mans race.“Dakar is like building a house. You need a project and the base structure, that nothing can break. My head is in the right place, I do realise that I can’t let it overwhelm me. And I’ll be driving as a student. In January, it’s going to be just a fresh start in Saudi Arabia, from which I aim to go up and up in the following years.” 

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