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Milan Bydžovský - 02.01.2017

Dakar Rally Starts! Kolomý Throws Mud on Spectators from His Wheels

Dakar Rally Starts! Kolomý Throws Mud on Spectators from His Wheels

Or the first time in the thirty-nine-year history of the famous Dakar Rally the crews started the competition from Asunción, the capital city of Paraguay. The incredible atmosphere on the ceremonial podium was also enjoyed by Martin Kolomý and Aleš Loprais, who impatiently await the start of the first live stage. 

The New Year´s Day was marked with endless formalities after which the crews of the TATRA BUGGYRA RACING team successfully started their mission nearly nine thousand kilometres long. “Today one briefing after another, which is pleasant on one side for you can greet everybody and in fact enjoy one of the first and at the same time last moments when we can all be together. But we cannot wait to see it all start moving,” said the team manager Jan Kalivoda. 

The same are the feelings of Aleš Loprais: “The last moments before start are the longest. Every second equals an hour for me. The weather is very hot and wet, but that is the same for everybody. I only wait for the start when all the worries around the preparations will be thrown away and we will fully concentrate on the result only.“ 

“The ceremonial podium was very well organized and despite the unfavourable weather crowded with fans! I enjoyed it very much but of course I am glad the competition has started after all. Enough was waiting. Of course I wonder what the Paraguay routes will be like,” said Kolomajz, who could not resist depressing his accelerator down to the floor on the podium and throwing mud on the watching spectators from his wheels. “A little practical joke cannot be missed!“ he added. 

Also Karel Trněný  has collected his first Dakar experience before he takes up his role of the back to Loprais, Kolomý and Prokop. “Incredible atmosphere. We did have some expectations but the crowds of fans were really amazing. I am looking forward to what is on stock for us in the next days, but I cannot avoid a little worry of the unknown. But the beginning is the classical speed tests which I know and look forward to,“ said Karel Trněný after start. 

The first stage with the total length of 454 kilometres will start today. The starting times for our pilots in the measured thirty nine kilometres long section will be: Aleš Loprais (503) at 5:45 pm, Martin Kolomý (508) at 5:55 pm and Karel Trněný (553) with the quick assistance truck at 6:34 pm.

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