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Petr Bosnakov - 29.06.2021

Dakar testing in Dubai

After 13 days, the Buggyra Racing finished its testing in Dubai. The desert realistically simulated, and sometimes even exceeded, conditions of the Dakar Rally that takes place in Saudi Arabia.


Dakar testing in Dubai

While Josef Macháček, Ignacio Casale and Tomáš Enge had their own testing programmes made to fit their current conditions, Aliyyah and Yasmeen Koloc have had their own first improvised Dakar. “Every day, we got up at 3:45 am, as we had to be fully ready at the parking lot at 5:15 am to head to the dunes,” explains the team owner and father Martin Koloc. “We were testing up to the 10 am, after which it wasn’t possible anymore as the temperatures got to 50°C. In this regard, the girls faced even tougher weather conditions than at Dakar. Of course, they went through all medical examinations, they were closely watched and strictly adhered to the drinking regime.”


“I’ve seen something similar before, as back in 2003, I was with Martin in Dubai, working on our fitness conditions on roller skates. But I wasn’t 16 back then. The girls are completely fine, their only issue was that they wanted to continue testing every day, they did not have enough,” adds David Vršecký.


After rehabilitation and launch came the other part of the training, with a fitness trainer Monika Šlosrová. “She takes care of the whole team, including Adam and Téo, and considering her unquestionable reputation, the whole preparation was up to her. The guys, including Machus, had a bit freer regime, while Aliyyah and Yasmeen continue in their own pre-prepared training scheme. Monika is also a sport psychologist, and she talks to the girls a lot. We need to avoid the situation from tennis when both were hiding their pain,” says Martin Koloc.


While race engineers will now focus on data analysis, Aliyyah Koloc is already packing up for the next round of the French truck racing championship in Nogaro, where she took a sensational victory last year. “I asked her how she feels that we can even cancel her entry. She said that she’s looking forward to driving the truck again, so, there’s nothing we can do,” explains David Vršecký. 

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