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David and Adam Win Bronze Rank for Buggyra!

David and Adam Win Bronze Rank for Buggyra!

The pilots of Buggyra started the final racing weekend at the famous circuit in Le Mans just below the podium. But when they joined forces they obtained the bronze for the Czech team in the constructors´ cup.

The morning in Le Mans by no means broke the years of tradition: wet circuit, low temperatures and fog, which postponed the start of the first free practice. The Buggyra pilots were successful on the slippery track but the road began to dry for the time practice. And yet Adam Lacko managed to win the second row in the starting grid of the first race of the day, defeating his team mate Vršecký by two tenths of a second.

Despite the autumn weather the French circuit attracted huge crowns of spectators who watched the very dramatic start of the opening race of the weekend. Steffi Halm, Florian Orsini and Jose Teodosio ended off the track, completely soiling the circuit with gravel which the organizers had to clear, and thus the red flags were shown. The start repeated after half an hour was already smooth and Kiss took the lead without problems.

A very good start was performed by David Vršecký, who overtook his team mate Lacko and took the fourth rank. But the Buggyra pilot was not satisfied with that and in the middle of the race began to approach the third riding Albacete, which did not please the Spaniard struggling for the champion title too much, But despite several attacks David did not manage to win a podium rank. "Certainly an excellent result but what a pity it could not be a podium. When I reached Antonio ´s back the road under my wheels began to be extremely slippery. I do not know whether his truck leaked or not but under such conditions it was impossible to overtake him,“ said David Vršecký.

Adam, who dropped to the fifth rank, had to fight back attacks of the sixth riding Markus Bösiger. Eventually Lacko managed to avert the attacks and even build an advantage over the Swiss pilot. "I could see that David started well. My truck did not run as I would have wished. When he got to the fourth rank my task remained to watch for my current rank,“ said Adam Lacko after the first race of the weekend.

The fourth and the fifth ranks of the Buggyra pilots obtained a podium for the Buggyra team. Thus the Czech team commenced defence of the second overall rank in the constructors´ cup successfully.

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