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David Bet on Certainty!

David Bet on Certainty!

David Vršecký ranked seventh in the last cup race of this season, thus preparing for himself a very promising starting position for the handicap race. Uwe Nittel finally ranked thirteenth.

David started from the sixth starting position. But the start was far from meeting his expectations and when he tried to move forward he dropped to the eighth rank instead. He kept the same ranking for ten laps, after which he got in front of Lvov to the final seventh rank. "I was calmed down a little by learning that Levett, with whom I "fight" for the overall fifth rank, ranked fourth. He eventually reduced my advantage by five points, which is acceptable, regarding the circumstances," said David, whose advantage over the mighty Briton equals to seven score points before the very last race of the season. “At the end of the race I had to resolve a dilemma: whether to fight with the fading Hahn or sacrifice the uncertain two score points to the certainty of start from the first row in the handicap race. I decided for the certainty.”

Uwe Nittel repeated his position achieved in the time practice when raking thirteenth in the cup race. Despite the not very satisfactory performance he could be satisfied in the finish, paradoxical as it is. His competitor in the duel for the overall ninth ranking, Janiec, did not score either. Thus before the handicap race Uwe still keeps his five-point advantage. From my point of view this is the only but a considerable positive. I wanted very much at the start, but it simply did not work,” said Uwe after the race.

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