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David Ends with Sixth Rank

David Ends with Sixth Rank

The sixth rank was David Vršecký´s last result in Smolensk this year. Our trucker then defined his overall performance in Russia as acceptable.

The start was again a little chaotic, David raking sixth after it. “I do not know what was happening. I was driving at full steam, but the truck did not move forward and the Renaults were suddenly in front of me," described David the situation after start. After the first two laps the trucker of Roudnice was ranking sixth with a usual duel with Östreich in stock for him. But then Albacete approached from behind, ruthlessly pushing David outside the circuit and overtaking him. Soon after that Antonio applied the same trick against Markus and David ranked sixth again. Then he approached Lacko. "I wanted to try but could not do it. To tell the truth I am glad that Smolensk has ended. Except for yesterday ´s second race and the overtaking of Östreich I could not get the right rhythm. Maybe because of the heat, I do not know," assessed David his involvement. "I have scored thirty points, which is quite decent, regarding the circumstances."

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