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David Eventually Ranks Ninth!

David Eventually Ranks Ninth!

The least successful day of this racing season so far for David Vršecký. He ranked ninth in the cup race and Yuri Jegorov ranked sixteenth.

After another penalisation, affecting  Reinert, David eventually started the handicap race from the eleventh position. He ranked tenth after start, in the fourth lap he overtook Blaise and moved up to the ninth rank. "The beginning was not bad but I had to cope with another defensive star named Mäkinen, whose truck in addition ran well. Like most of the MAN trucks," said David after the race. "I tried hard but there was nothing to be done about that. Better two points than nothing. "The double European champion does not mourn over the drop in the overall ranking. "This is what sport is like. There is no point in returning to the penalisation which cost me some ten score points. Nevertheless, both in the super pole and in the cup race I showed that Buggyra was able to compete with MAN, and so there is a solid foundation for tomorrow."

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