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David Fifth among Youths!

David Fifth among Youths!

Winning the European Champion title at the age of 33 places David Vršecký on the fifth rank of the chart of the youngest truck champions. It is certainly interesting to note that there are four truckers among the six youngest European champions who are related to Buggyra brand in one way or another.

The youngest European champion of all is the founder and the former head of the Buggyra team Martin Koloc, who won the champion title at the age of twenty eight. The second rank is occupied by Gerd Körber (28), who lost the imaginary age duel with Koloc by mere 66 days. The third historically youngest European champion is the flying Finn Harri Luostarinen (29). The fourth rank belongs to another former Buggyra driver Ludovic Faure, who received his champion title at the age of thirty two. The following youngest champions are David Vršecký and Fritz K, who both won their title at Christ age. But while David was born in December, Fritz is a September child. Buggyra also scored in the category of the most mature champions, where the very first rank is occupied by Markus Bösiger, who gave the champion title to himself as a present to his fiftieth birthday. 6 youngest European champions

1. Martin Koloc (28, SISU), 2. Gerd Körber (28, MAN), 3. Harri Luostarinen (29, SISU), 4. Ludovic Faure (32, Mercedes), 5. David Vršecký (33, Buggyra) 6. Fritz K. (33, MAN)

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