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David Happy with a Point

David Happy with a Point

Tenth rank was David Vršecký´s in the second cup rate in Jarama. Michal Matějovský improved his performance again, finally ranking twelfth!

Following penalisation of Mariezcurrena David started the race on the advantageous inner side of the circuit and still in the course of the first lap overtook Makinen and got to the last scored rank. After that his success ended and he remained on the tenth rank for the rest of the race. "Despite the maximum efforts there was nothing more to be done. The road was very slippery for me. We must find out the extent to which the behaviour of the truck was affected by the opening collision with Javier. Before we do that I would like to reserve my comments," said David in the pits. Michal Matějovský, on the other hand, was happy with his performance. In the final curve he overtook winner of two races and torturer of Vršecký Javier Mariezcurrena. "Jarama is very technical, which I like. I fell more certain after each covered lap. The last overtake was a narrow escape but successful in the end."

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