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David Ranks Fifth in Final Race!

David Ranks Fifth in Final Race!

Even in the second cup race at Nürburgring on Sunday David Vršecký did not end empty-handed either. He ranked fifth after dramatic struggle!

The race was started with a 30-minute delay. In the second lap David moved to the fifth rank in front of Albacete and after Körber. In the following lap both great champions of Buggyra remembered past years and overtook Adam Lacko by an excellent manoeuvre. "It was nice. At that moment I ranked fourth and hoped for another podium," described further progress of the race Vršecký, who was visibly quicker than Körber. But his former team mate chose defensive tactics, and Hahn behind the two of them made use of that. "Gerd braked a little earlier than me, I had to cope with his driving style and unfortunately my tyres suffered from that. It was only the question of time when Hahn catches up." Two laps before the finish David indeed could not resist Hahn ´s pressure any longer and eventually ranked fifth. "I did not score so many points in one day since the beginning of this season. So I am satisfied with this Sunday. Regarding the circumstances, I was close to the maximum at Nürburgring," commented David briefly on his performance.

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