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David Ranks Fifth over Water!

David Ranks Fifth over Water!

David Vršecký ranked fifth in the Sunday cup race at the Misano circuit. A better ranking was probably prevented by the current climatic conditions!

The winner of yesterday ´s handicap race shocked everybody by the second best lap time in the super field. Thus he started from the first row next to Hahn. David started excellently and fought back attacks by both Albacete and Lacko. Unfortunately before the straight section at the end o the first lap David ´s Buggyra slipped and he dropped to the fifth rank. “I simply do not like water. I indeed had a problem to keep the vehicle on the track,” explained David after the race. In the following progress of the race the trucker of Roudnice held the fifth rank, with the quickest lap time in the finish when the road began to dry. “What a pity, eight points is a good score but it could have been better still. I hope to improve my spirits in the handicap race,” hoped David.

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