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David Ranks Fourth in Cup Race

David Ranks Fourth in Cup Race

Ten score points were added to David Vršecký´s account after the Sunday cup race. Thus he will start the handicap race from the third row of the starting grid.

The pilots started the cup race twice. The reason was a collision after the first start, whose victims included Östreich, who was left off the circuit, and Lacko and Bösiger, who dropped down through the starting field. The red flag soon appeared over the circuit meaning stop of the race. "I do not know whether this was a reason for the red flag, which greatly helped my closest rivals, but on the other hand I hold the opinion that scores and ranks should be decided on the track and not in the offices," said David in reaction to the situation. The second start was without any further dramatic situation. The trucker of Roudnice passed the first lap on the fourth rank following the trio Albacete, Hahn and Kiss. "The spectators probably did not enjoy that too much, but what can you do. I achieved the same lap times as Kiss, but at the same time I knew that he would not draw ahead of me in the overall ranking. And Markus was riding behind me. Good ten points," assessed David the progress of the race.

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