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David Ranks Sixth in Cup Race

David Ranks Sixth in Cup Race

David Vršecký ranked sixth in the cup race. Ellen Lohr in the pink Buggyra ranked fifteenth.

David was mainly bothered by weather conditions in the free practice as well as in the super pole, where they complicated vehicle setting. "When in the time practice we set the truck with the resulting fourth rank, it started raining in the super pole and all the work was in vain," commented David the results of the super pole, where he eventually ranked eighth following castling with Jochen Hahn lap times. He immediately improved his rank by one after start of the cup race, ranking seventh until the last lap following the pair Bösiger-Lacko. In the finish he profited from a collision of the two team mates from MKR Technology, as a result of which Lacko pushed Bösiger out of the circuit. "A normal race. Kiss was too far ahead and the most important task was to finish the race. I hope I will not be penalised again for the duel between Lacko and Bösiger, which I even was not involved in at all, like in Nogaro," hoped David after the race.

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