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David Ranks Sixth in Cup Race!

David Ranks Sixth in Cup Race!

David Vršecký ranked sixth in the third cup race at the Jarama circuit. Regarding the current state of affairs this seems to have been the maximum that could be achieved.

David was troubled with technical difficulties since the morning. He did not finish the morning warm up because of a problem with the axle-driving shaft and in the super field he ranked sixth after trouble with brake cooling and vehicle setting. "In addition Antonio Albacete dropped to my row, after penalization for overtaking under the yellow flag. I kept my fingers crossed for his victory in the super field but I was not lucky. He looked quite relentlessly and that is why we decided not to risk anything at the start," said David before the start. The following twelve laps were for Vršecký a constant attack on the fifth Bösiger, but the Swiss veteran did not make a mistake and performed an excellent defensive tactic. "Markus seems to be enjoying the racing. What can you do, I hope we will improve our appetite in the cup race,” hoped the Roudnice trucker after the race.

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