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David Ranks Third in Zolder!

David Ranks Third in Zolder!

For the eighth time in a row David Vršecký will not leave Zolder without a cup for the best three. He has ranked third in today ´s cup race!

Even the ninth Chris Levett has scored. David started the cup race from the third row of the starting field, having achieved the fifth quickest lap time in the super field time practice. For the first time in the course of a racing weekend his truck was not a victim of his rivals´ attacks and so he could concentrate on chasing the fourth ranking Lacko. "I knew Renaults had excellent super field results, but their racing speed was not so good," commented David on the beginning of the race. In the fifth lap the commissioners showed Lacko a table with his number, which meant a penalty pass through the pits. Right after that David overtook Bösiger. Thus after the seventh lap he ranked third. "Albacete and Östreich were too far ahead and so I concentrated on holding the third rank. Eventually I succeeded and so I am very much satisfied." Chris Levett found it difficult to cope with the drying circuit and eventually his twelfth lap time was not enough for getting to the super field. But he worked hard in the race and eventually ranked ninth. "What a pity. The first row in the handicap race escaped me by a single rank. But Adam pressed very hard in the end. I will start the final race with the idea that anything is possible in Zolder," said Chris after the race.

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