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David Saturday King of Le Mans!

David Saturday King of Le Mans!

The so far most successful racing day of the “single turbocharger era” for David Vršecký. The Roudnice trucker ranked fourth in the final race of the day, adding 27 score points to his overall account, which was most of all truckers coming to race in Le Mans.

David started the handicap race from the eighth position in the starting field reserved for the winner of the cup race. He improved his ranking by one rank by overtaking Nittel. "Many people shortened the way after start, which was quite hectic. My greatest worry was not to get to any collision,” described David the beginning of the race. He fought his way forward in the course of the race and in the final lap he already drove stuck to the rear axle of the third Norbert Kiss. "The boy really drives excellently. In addition he was probably aware of the fact that I was not going to take any excessive risk. I longed for the second rostrum, but I am still much satisfied today.”

Chris Levett started excellently and after the first lap drove in the lead in front of Albacete. However, in the seventh lap, like Albacete and Janiec, he was penalised with a drive through the pits and eventually ranked eighth.

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