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David slowed Down by Lazy Oil!

David slowed Down by Lazy Oil!

The fifth and the eighth rank were occupied by the pilots of the Buggyra International Racing System David Vršecký and Chris Levett in the Sunday cup race at the Most circuit. David Vršecký started from the fifth position obtained after the morning super field.

The third lap showed to be decisive for our pilot, when he was overtaken by Antonio Albacete. Immediately after overtaking the truck of the Spanish pilot began to leak oil. “At that moment the main thing was to keep on the truck on the road. It was clear that Antonio was going to end prematurely, sooner or later. Unfortunately, it was rather later than sooner, as Antonio only gave up in the last lap,” commented David on the progress of the race. “The fifth rank does not look bombastic after yesterday, but it means eighth points. To improve my best score of this season I need another six points. I will choose my tactics in the handicap race to achieve this.”

Chris Levett was only assured about his Sunday start on early morning when the mechanics finished repair of his destroyed racing special. He ranked tenth in the super field and eventually ranked eighth in the cup race. "I would like to thank the mechanics for their heroic performance. I will start from the pole position and I would like to bring something back to them for their hard work. For example by wining a cup,” said Chris.

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