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David Starts from First Row!

David Starts from First Row!

What last night still looked like a wish that is hard to accomplish has become the reality today! David Vršecký will start the cup race from the first row next to Antonio Albacete!

There was no rain since last night, but immediately before the beginning of the time practice it became drizzling over the circuit. "I put certainty above all in the time practice. The lap was quite all right and so I was satisfied," commented David his sixth quickest lap time by which he qualified to the super pole.

The Roudnice trucker began the fight of the elite ten gloriously, ranking second after Albacete after the first lap, with the advantage of three seconds before the third Hahn. "I felt it was rally good. On the other hand the circuit began to dry and so I said to myself that this would not be the final ranking," revealed David. However, as was shown later, even a double European champion can make a mistake in his predictions. The first row became the reality, for the first time this season. "To rank second with the “wet” time is incredible. Especially in my case. I am very much looking forward to the race. I hope I will cope with the outer line," added Vršecký.

The second Buggyra driver Yuri Yegorov will start from the ninth line.

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