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Petr Bosnakov - 03.11.2021

David Vršecký intends to use every hour...

As we reported at the end of last week, the Buggyra Racing team will have a big test in Dubai and a race in Saudi Arabia during November and December, and things have been set in motion.


David Vršecký intends to use every hour...

In fact, a vanguard made up of mechanics and David Vršecký is already operating in the United Arab Emirates, and all together they are welcoming the local weather conditions. "Unlike the last testing in the summer, when it was almost impossible to breathe at 50 degrees Celsius, we are fine now," David informed. "Temperatures here are in the mid-30s, with cooler mornings and evenings. When we look on the internet in the morning and see that the temperatures at home are close to zero, we're pretty happy for Dubai."

Currently mechanics are working on two Can - Am DV21 quad bikes, a brand new special for defending champion Josef Machacek, is in a container on its way to Dubai. "We are all curious to see how Pep's car will look in the dunes. After the last test we took a lot of data, tuning and tweaking, we believe it will be fine." Work is also underway on the Tatra, with the team communicating with Ignacio Casal. "If we want to improve our mood, we call him. He's always at absolute ease, he doesn't worry too much about anything, a source of positive energy at all times."

After the arrival of the five pilots, made up of the Koloc sisters, Téo Calvet, Pepa Machacek and Ignacio Casale, the vigorous testing begins. "We will still fine-tune it with Martin, however, unlike in the summer, we won't have to finish before lunch, it will be a bit more logistically demanding, but we will try to make the most of every hour. I'm quite curious to see how Téo will cope with the girls loading him up."

The Hail International Rally in Saudi Arabia will be more about the final test of drivers and equipment than the result. "It will be held a month before the Dakar starts, so I don't think anyone is playing their cards right. But anything can happen, we won't defend a good result," added David Vršecký. 


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