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Petr Bošnakov - 04.06.2020

David Vršecký: There won‘t be time for mistakes

Despite this years’ European Truck Racing Championship is going to consist of only 6 races, David Vršecký says that for drivers it will be a season like any other. And anything can happen!


David Vršecký: There won‘t be time for mistakes

The two-time European Champion from 2008 and 2009 is expecting a tactical battle. “I know it from China, where the championship had only 3 rounds. We all knew that every retirement meant losing championship hopes and it turned into a tactical battle,” said Vršecký. And he knows it well. He won each of his championships in quite different styles. While in 2008, he led the championship since the first race at Barcelona, just a year later he had a disappointing start of the season and it was not until Zolder that he had caught up with the championship leader Albacete. “In 2009 season, I was more than 30 points behind, and it took me 7 races to catch up. This year, nothing like that is going to be possible. The strategy will be based on points rather than wins and nobody is going to risk too much. The opening race at Most will be incredibly important.”


And as there will be at least four European champions on the grid - Hahn, Albacete, Kiss and Lacko – the championship battle might involve several drivers and it is likely not going to be decided before the final race at Misano that is scheduled for November 15. “There’s almost a month between Hungaroring and Misano, during which it’s going to be possible to work on the trucks. And while Dakar preparations are probably going to affect us, it might be the most important part of the season.”


In case the championship goes down to the wire, David would have a hard time trying to guess who might win it. “Probably Jochen, who is simply the most successful Truck driver in history. On the other hand, Adam has learnt how to handle the emotions, which could be a weakness for Norbert. Then you have Antonio, who is usually not particularly good in the final races. But anything can happen,” he added.

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