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David will Check Video

David will Check Video

Even though David Vršecký started the cup race from the excellent third starting position, he eventually had to be happy with the seventh rank. Chris Levett ranked eighth.

Both Buggyras will thus start the handicap race from the first row. Despite that Vršecký radiated dissatisfaction, bordering with anger, after the race. "Uwe overslept the start and I got pressed between the two Renaults,” commented David on the beginning of the race, in which, due to a clash with Östreich, he dropped to the ninth rank. He did his best for the rest of the race but he could not manage but the seventh rank in the end. "I am certainly not satisfied. I must check the video whether everything was according to the rules." Chris Levett eventually maintained his position from the super field and secured the pole position in the handicap race for himself. "The same situation as yesterday but I did not manage the middle part of the race very well. I will do my best to improve this today,” said Chris in the pits after the race.

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