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David´s Winning Fantasy!

David´s Winning Fantasy!

After the Saturday fasting Sunday turned up to be a feast. After the super pole David Vršecký also took sovereign control over the cup race and after nearly two years again enjoyed a twenty-point victory.

The triumph, by which David has broken the fifteen-race victorious series of the MAN make, was born easily, at first sight. He started at peace and developed a considerable advantage in the course of the first two laps, finally wining without any problem. "Even though I had already experienced something, I was rather nervous before the race. My last victory in a cup race was already two years old, dating from 2011 and taking place in Le Mans. But in the course of the first lap I calmed down completely," explained the enthusiastic pilot before the prize-giving ceremony. "All was probably decided in the fourth lap where I achieved the quickest lap time. I knew that I would win, unless the truck failed." Much less peace was among David ´s colleagues in the pits. "I was stuck to the transmitter with my eyes on the monitor all the time. Around the eighth lap Östreich reduced the advantage by nearly a second but David calmed me down, telling me that all would be OK. I had been with the team to see many victories but this one probably cost most psychic strength," stated the team manager Jan Kalivoda. Despite the victory David has not accomplished his Zolder mission yet. "Before this racing weeken I told to myself that I would need to win about 30 score points in Zolder. This means that I will have to overtake somebody in the handicap race.."

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