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Double Podium: Lacko Third, Buggyra Second!

Double Podium: Lacko Third, Buggyra Second!

The first Sunday race resulted in a double podium win for the Czech team after a dramatic battle. For a second time this year Adam Lacko ranked third in the main cup race and he together with the fourth ranking David Vršecký obtained the second rank for the Buggyra team in the Constructors´ Cup.

It was raining at Nürburgring over the night and thus the Sunday time practice benefited from colder weather than the Saturday time practice. The Buggyra pilots occupied the whole second row of the starting grid after additional penalisation of Norbert Kiss for blocking Albacete in the time practice. Thus Adam Lacko started the race from the third starting position while David Vršecký from the fourth.

Adam started without problems and maintained the third rank with his Buggyra. A more difficult situation was faced by David Vršecký in front of the crowded tribunes. First he had to defend the fourth rank against Bösiger and then against the persistently attacking Kiss, which won him an applause of the watching fans. The leading triad Hahn, Albacete and Lacko benefited from the duel below the podium and developed their advantage against the rest of the field.

"This is a super result. Another podium in the main cup race. I must say David helped me a lot but the more difficult his own situation was then. We have the third row for the second race but with the quickest behind our backs,“ said the happy Lacko.

David could not take a rest during the whole thirteen laps as he had to watch Kiss behind his back. But nevertheless he finished with the fourth rank, adding to his score the valuable ten points.

"I managed the start well and I am glad I resisted the Hungarian for the whole race, while he behaved as usual. Together with Adam we have made a lot of points and now we must concentrate on he last Sunday race, which will certainly be very violent,“ professed David the race ahead of them in late afternoon.

In the overall ranking Lacko remains fourth and Vršecký sixth. Buggyra shares the second team rank with Reinert Adventure.

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