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Doubt and Admonition!

Doubt and Admonition!

A really Salomon-like decision was made last night by the trio of stewards consisting of Minařík, Dubord and Pons concerning the collision which in effect probably deprived Markus Bösiger of his second ranking. The collision happened in yesterday ´s second cup race where Markus Bösiger as the leader of the chasing trio Bösiger, Hahn and Vršecký tried to overtake the then second Egon Allgauer.

"I started the overtaking manoeuvre after a long straight section with the aim to get in front of Egon from the outside. The whole attack appeared successful. But at the moment when I was getting in front of Egon Jochen attacked too, from the inside for a change," was Markus Bösiger´s description of the sequence of the events. "But the Nogaro track is not made for three trucks to be riding next to each other. Jochen quickly understood that, left the track and collided with Allgauer on return. Egon´s racing special immediately turned into a ping-pong ball, eventually contacting my truck too. I began to turn round and dropped to the fifth position, not by my mistake. And eventually the penalisation…”

So much for Markus Bösiger´s comments today, after his yesterday ´s quite understandable refusal to comment on the progress of the race. The sport director of the team Jan Kalivoda filed a protest. The abovementioned trio of stewards eventually came up with a verdict confirming the “doubt concerning the way of overtaking Jochen Hahn", which may be considered acknowledgement of the blame. The German driver received a warning but the results did not change.

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