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Drama with Happy End!

Drama with Happy End!

First of all disaster, then the third rank in the super pole. David Vršecký clearly experienced an interesting Sunday morning in Jarama.

Before the beginning of the morning warm up David reported to the pits that something was wrong about his truck and he would not even start the warm up. "At that time I began to believe in a Jarama curse. Luckily the boys resolved everything in time and so I was eventually ready for the time practice," stated David with a visible relief before the start of the twenty-minute time practice. Soon after that things got corrected again and our pilot advanced to the super pole with the second best lap time, which he decreased by one rank in the duel of the elite ten. Thus he was to start the main race of the day from the second row next to Antonio Albacete, who despite the original disproval (!!!) of the MKR Technology team manager Mario Kress began the second day of the racing weekend in Markus Östreich´s machine. "Things may always be better but I am satisfied, regarding the circumstances. I will do my best to make maximum use of my advantageous starting position." Ellen Lohr missed advancement to the super pole by a single rank, when she achieved eleventh best lap time in the time practice.

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