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Luboš Veselý - 26.05.2019

Dream Beginning! Lacko Leads the Championship after Sunday! Janes Best “Newcomer”!

Dream Beginning! Lacko Leads the Championship after Sunday!  Janes Best “Newcomer”!

The first racing weekend of the season in Misano, Italy, ended unexpectedly well for both pilots of the Buggyra Racing Team. Adam Lacko in his new racing special VK50 added another podium rank on Sunday and keeps the championship lead, with an advantage of two score points above the close running German pilot Hahn. An unexpected beginning for Janes!



Adam Lacko had the second quickest lap time in the very first lap and kept it till the end of the time practice. “I am much satisfied. The second rank in the time practice is an excellent result. But I know that we have not yet got the maximum from the new racing special. We will certainly get more out of it, we will keep improving,“ stated the happy Buggyra pilot.


Oly Janes ended the time practice with the thirteenth best lap time. “I expected a little better result, but I failed. Never mind, the harder I will try in the race.



The 2017 European champion started the opening race of the reason from the second starting position and that was also his final rank. “I and Jochen struggled for the lead after start but finally he managed better. I tried to get as much as I could from the truck and finally maintained the second rank. I am satisfied, the second rank in the very first race with the new special VK50 is excellent,“ was Lacko´s evaluation of the race.


The first cup race was also successful for Oly Janes, who ranked ninth. This brought him the silver rank in the newcomers´ ranking. “I am happy. I determined before the season to show myself as often as possible among the Top Ten and I started since the very first race. I hope this will continue and I will rise even higher,“ said the British pilot.



Adam Lacko started the second cup race from the fourth row and from there he managed to find his way to the fourth rank, which elevated him to the championship lead. “There was a big battle there after start but I managed to advance forward. I and Jochen changed ranks twice but he was later penalised for exceeding the track limits and dropped down in the ranking. Towards the end of the race I approached the podium closer and closer, maybe if there was one more lap I would have

succeeded. But I am satisfied with the fourth rank. I lead the overall ranking so we could not have wished a better beginning“, recapitulated the happy Lacko.


Oly Janes repeated his excellent result from the first race and again ranked ninth. “A super beginning. Twice in Top Ten, which was my goal for the season. I feel well and believe that I will improve race by race. I will see how far I can get,“ said Oly, adding two silver newcomer cups to his collection.




In a continuing downpour on Sunday Adam Lacko repeated his time practice result from Saturday, achieving the second best lap time. “I looked forward to Sunday. The weather forecast said rain all day, which also really happened. The whole time practice was held in a heavy downpour. We satisfied ourselves that we were able to reset the truck from dry to wet road in a short time and all worked excellently indeed. I am happy with the second rank, and wonder what the race will be like. If the weather lasts like this until the afternoon all may be really dramatic,” predicted Lacko.


Oly Janes achieved the eleventh best lap time in the second time practice of the weekend. “It is a pity, mere three tenths of a second below the super pole. But my feelings are good and I look forward to the races. I see whether I manage to get to the Top Ten again,“ said Janes.



The start of the third race was marked by yellow flags prohibiting overtaking. The reason was wet road. The currently leading man of the overall ranking settled in the second rank, which was also his final rank. “I am satisfied indeed. Another second rank and important points for the interim score. Another heavy rain began before start and there were big pools of water on the track. Not an easy race,” commented Lacko on the third race.


The British pilot in the Buggyra colours, Oly Janes, again managed to get to the Top Ten. “I am happy, the third race and the third Top 10. So far everything continues as planned. Two laps before the finish I even ranked ninth, but Steffi made use of her extensive experience and managed to overtake me in the last lap,“ said Oly.



Adam Lacko performed a chase ride in the last race and finished with the fourth rank. “I enjoyed the race. I advanced two ranks forward after start but following the contact with Albacete in the third lap I dropped down in the field again and had to start a chase. Eventually I managed to get from the seventh rank to the fourth. The first three had already built a big advantage and I could not even approach them,“ was Lacko´s view of the race, leading the championship ranking with a two-point advantage over the second-ranking Hahn. “The first weekend was excellent. I was optimistic enough but I still did not expect to leave Misano in the lead. The truck worked faultlessly under all conditions. And we have not yet reached its limits. My feelings are very good and I look forward to the coming races.“


Oly Janes had his best weekend ever in the European Truck Race Championship, scoring in all four races. “I did not even dream about such a beginning. I leave Misano with enthusiasm. I managed to end among the Top Ten in every race and score valuable points. In addition I settled in the first rank in the Promoters Cup. And I still believe I can improve even further. I already look forward to Hungary,“ said Oly, who closes the Top Ten ranking in the overall score.

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