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Petr Bošnakov - 02.04.2020

Dream debut for Yasmeen Koloc

While Aliyyah Koloc is getting ready for her debut in the FIA European Truck Racing Championship at Nürburgring, her sister Yasmeen has already had her first experience in the world of Motorsport. And it was a success.


Dream debut for Yasmeen Koloc

There is not a journalist in the world of motorsport, who could claim that their first interview was with a two-time rally champion and two-time Dakar champion Carlos Sainz, as the numbers were at the time of the interview. “When they told me, that I’ll be interviewing Carlos Sainz, I wasn’t really nervous at first. But then my dad carefully explained to me who it was and how difficult it is to get time with him, so I started to prepare very thoroughly,” said Yasmeen Koloc, who is just 15 years old.


Her interview with El Matador stirred up the paddock with a statement about a potential case of COVID-19 at this year’s Dakar Rally at Saudi Arabia. “I was preparing for a few hours and then consulted my questions with my dad. After that, I was waiting for his team to give me the time. And in the end, despite all the other media, I got my chance,” she said.


The interview itself was very relaxed and quickly became viral on social media. “At the beginning, it was clear that Carlos was expecting a bit different type of person as a journalist, but we had good fun in the end. I’d say that he had a lot of patience with me,” remembers Yasmeen her reporter debut at Dakar Rally. However, she did not want to name anyone as a favourite. “I was glad that Carlos won it in the end. But during the Dakar, I was also filming an interview with a multiple winner Nasser Al-Attiyah, who also was very nice to me. And the Cars category was all about the battle between them…”


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