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Ellen to Replace Yuri

Ellen to Replace Yuri

What was speculated about since Friday has materialised in the end. The injured Yuri Jegorov will be replaced in the cab of Buggyra by Ellen Lohr for the last two racing weekends of the championship in Jarama and Le Mans.

The manager of Buggyra Jan Kalivoda rejects the suspicion that the Roudnice team unnecessarily hides their true intentions, though. "Of course we have our commercial and marketing interests both in Spain and in France, but we did not insist on having both trucks present in both races at any cost," said Honza in relation to the engagement of the experienced German female pilot. "On Friday some testing and over the weekend Robin and David worked on the data. The results revealed that Ellen can cope with Buggyra quite well. Monday and most of Tuesday were consumed by administrative matters."

David Vršecký sees the chances of his new team mate in both races soberly but quite optimistically. "Bad luck for Ellen that she will race at two difficult circuits, in addition crowded with domestic pilots whose desire to show up before friends and relatives will be bigger than their diving qualities. One needs to be watchful more than anywhere else. On the other hand Ellen is a very experienced racing pilot and so I do not completely bury the vision of some scoring."

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