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End of Austrian Curse

End of Austrian Curse

David Vršecký won the final race at the Red Bull Ring. Thus Buggyra celebrated its first in history victory in Austria.

The race had an interesting overture. Even though David received a blow from Adam in the previous race, as a consequence of which he lost a rank, the MKR Technology team placed a protest. The protest said David had blocked Adam. "I have not yet seen a protest of the victorious pilot against somebody whom he overtook in a strange way. But you can always learn a new lesson," laughed David before start. He started excellently and after the first lap he ranked first in front of Bösiger. "This time I was pleased with Markus behind my back. Even though his truck was slower, I knew he would introduce his effective blocking tactics to the rest of the starting field, thus providing to me sufficient space to develop an advantage." The things happened as David had assumed. When Norbert Kiss fought his way to the second rank, David ´s advantage amounted to more than four seconds. "Just a couple of laps to the end. I was calm and watched what was happening behind me. Regarding all the bad luck here the end was quite good after all."

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