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Luboš Veselý - 15.01.2019

End of Chances for Life Result: Šoltys Has to Spend Night in Dunes

End of Chances for Life Result: Šoltys Has to Spend Night in Dunes

Both our crews had to resolve technical issues in the demanding terrain of stage seven and scored a big loss each. Martin Kolomý arrived in the bivouac right before midnight. Martin Šoltys and his crew had to spend a cold night in the dunes.


“I must say that the organizer put a lot of tricks in his edition for we go from extreme to extreme. It is nearly midnight, Martin Kolomý has just arrived in the bivouac and Martin Šoltys is not here yet. We have information that both had technical issues on the way. Martin Kolomý managed the repairs and decided to drive to the bivouac even if he did not cover all waypoints. We will see what will happen next, whether there will be any penalisation. Martin Šoltys must spend the night in the dunes but they want to set off early in the morning to be here in time for the start to the eighth stage and be able to continue. It is a real massacre and the organizer has told us that the worst stage is only yet to come,“ explained the trouble of both crews the team manager Jan Kalivoda in the night.


Martin Kolomý is not through his luckiest Dakar, not by any means. “It is real hard, the organizers must have put a lot of work to it to make it this difficult. Some of the checkpoints were in places perhaps only accessible by a helicopter. All was fine until the hundred and seventieth kilometre where we pulled the rope too strongly down a toboggan and the steering rod broke, punching through the oil tank, unfortunately. We spent a lot of time by the repair. Now we wait for the jury sentence, whether they will permit our continuation, for we missed some waypoints. We will arrive at the start to see,“ said the underdog of this Dakar edition Martin Kolomý.


The crew of Martin Šoltys was still on the way to the bivouac at eight in the morning local time, sowed down by thick fog.

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