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End of Tatra 509 at Dakar!

End of Tatra 509 at Dakar!

The very second section of the race became fatal for the crew of Tatra 509 of the head of the Czech Dakar Team Marek Spáčil, including the truck racing European champion David Vršecký. "We are all right.

The truck went on the roof twice and it was really impossible to continue with the race. The remains of the truck are on the way to the harbour in Buenos Aires," confirmed David, the co-pilot of the withdrawing crew. "All still needs to be analysed, at this moment I an unable to say anything particular about the causes of the accident. I can only say I feel my cervical spine. But luckily it is nothing unbearable yet." In the words of the team manager of the Buggyra International Racing System Jan Kalivoda the withdrawal of Marek Spáčil from this year ´s Rally Dakar does not change the original intention of the Roudnice team. "David and Robin went to Dakar to bring back maximum information. Robin is to continue in the race as a member of an accompanying car crew. I am not sure about David ´s health. But if it is at least a little possible we would like to find a way to extend his stay at Dakar," said Honza Kalivoda.

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