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ESET Cup Grobnik: Winner Aliyyah and record holder Yasmeen

After races at Hungaroring, Slovakiaring and Tor Poznan, the ESET Cup moved to Grobnik, Croatia this weekend. The sisters Aliyyah and Yasmeen Koloc, supported by David Vršecký, certainly did not lose their way on the complicated circuit, bringing home a total of 9 trophies.


ESET Cup Grobnik: Winner Aliyyah and record holder Yasmeen

A distinctive style that does not need to be solved

Yasmeen Koloc was the heroine of the opening day of the race weekend as she allayed any possible fears about how she would cope with a heavy collision from the previous season in the very first race. The seventeen-year-old finished fifth overall in the Clio Cup, finding no match in the women's category. "For starting from 11th place, it wasn't bad, but it could have been better," Yasmeen stated after finishing. She then followed that up by winning the endurance category despite a puncture.  "For Yasmeen's first full season, that's very good. She has a slightly distinctive style of racing, but if it gets results, there's nothing to worry about. The fact is that in Grobnik she covered about 300 racing kilometres, which is equal to an F1 race," commented David Vršecký on his charge's performance.

The fastest trucker in history then celebrated his racing debut behind the wheel of a Mercedes - AMG GT4, finishing second in the race. "As I expected, this is a nice ride, we are getting used to each other so far, but it will get better," he commented on his performance. Second place was then taken by David and Aliyyah in the hour-long endurance. "I agree with David that compared to the Mercedes GT3, this is a car that is more forgiving of mistakes. Not that you can do whatever you want behind the wheel, but the difference is noticeable," confirmed Aliyyah. 

A winning premiere

 Aliyyah demonstrated her positive attitude towards the new special car on Sunday, first dominating the GT4 class qualifying session and then the race itself. "She is really very skilful. After Saturday, we adjusted the cars slightly and she won easily. You can see that the very unusual combination of Can-Am, tractor, circuit special is bearing fruit, the driveability is starting to show. We'll see what the data tells us," said David Vršecký after the race.

Yasmeen did not stop on Sunday, literally. After battling with a pair of Suzuki Swift cars to win the TC - 2000 category race, the Clio Cup race started 15 minutes later. "On Saturday we sorted out my participation in both races, I had no problem with that. At least I was able to enjoy the sight of the mechanics' gig, who carried out a lightning check on the car, changed the tyres and refuelled. I had a good race and was praised for my seventh place, so I'm happy," Yasmeen assessed her performance after the finish. She then added a second win in the TC - 2000 category in the afternoon. 

David Vršecký was also satisfied. "Apart from the slight hints from both girls as to why I came second, I am satisfied. The race engineers calculated that Yasmeen did 196 laps in the tropical heat of Grobnik, which is a really impressive performance."  


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