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Europe versus Brazil!

Europe versus Brazil!

Development of new Buggyra 2009 and the visit of the current European champion David Vršecký in Brazil towards the end of last year inspires comparison between the racing specials of the two series. Regarding the information embargo concerning Buggyra 2009 David offers a comparison of last year ´s models.

Engines come first, of course. "While in Europe the rules order restrictor of the sucked air at the turbochargers, limiting the output to about 1100 HP, the Brazilians are much freer in this respect. The engines of their racing specials can theoretically reach up to 1600 HP. Which is about equal to Buggyras of SRT class," explains David. "But considering what I tested in Brazil the Brazilian engines are not stronger than our engines. They approach the serial engines, the mechanics tune them up to the maximum performance, regardless the life." As for the chassis, Europe is clearly ahead of Brazil, in David Vršecký ´s opinion. "Our chassis are very hard with reinforcement under the bumpers. When the car is constructed the clash eventuality is taken into consideration. In Brazil they do not think about this too much. Their chassis are very simple with weak clamps. I cannot imagine what a stronger hit may do to them." If David was given a chance to change anything in the Brazilian racing special, he would definitely change the brakes. "During the Nogaro testing the Brazilians were much surprised by our several hundred liters of water for brake cooling. In their opinion this was good for nothing, and burdened the truck excessively. After taking a ride they nodded their heads in surprise. Our brakes are quite aggressive, even in high temperatures, thanks to the water cooling. This is something the Brazilians can hardly even dream of at the moment." While Europe focuses on special tires, prepared by the manufacturer for a particular axle, with the consumption per racing weekend reaching nearly thirty, the Brazilians are much more “economical” in this respect. "Their tires are provided with the minimum pattern depth, the lower grip resulting

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