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Petr Bosnakov - 07.04.2021

European Truck Racing Championship 2021 is taking shape, it will run on biofuel

While the last season will enter history mostly by not awarding the European Championship title, it also marked signing a new deal between promoter ETRA (European Truck Racing Association), shareholder ADAC Mittelrhein and FIA for running the European championship from 2021 to 2025.


European Truck Racing Championship 2021 is taking shape, it will run on biofuel

This news also pleases the Buggyra Racing management. “On one hand, we probably lost a championship title last year. But on the other hand, we have a new future, with a five-year plan, and that’s positive. We’ve got plenty of time for development and to talk to our partners to discuss our near future, to know where we’re,” said the head of communications Jan Kalivoda. “We’re regularly in touch with the ETRA, and it’s clear that everyone has made a step forward. We’ve got 100% assurance that there will be a race at Nürburgring in the summer, even in the case that fans won’t be able to visit the event in person. The same should apply for Most as well, even though we all believe that the pandemic situation will allow fans to come at the end of summer.”


Just as the title suggests, this year’s European Truck Racing Championship series will be for the first time in the history of motorsport running on biofuel. All HVO fuel, that is made by hydrogenation, will come only from renewable resources. “Our goal is to help the championship to reach another step forward. We want truck racing to become a leading platform for renewable resources, and not just for racing,” said one of the ETRA representatives Georg Fuchs. “We spoke about it in length with our partners, our stakeholder and the FIA as well. Last year, we were slowed down a bit by the pandemic, but that makes us even happier now, that we can see the results in the upcoming season already.”


As Georg Fuchs added, the pandemic has proven how important truck transportation is and that is why it should be the perfect platform for revolutionary changes.“If the biofuel proves itself in extreme conditions of truck racing, we’re going to have much easier time convincing our fans and others that it’s necessary to introduce new technologies.”


And the Buggyra Racing team has no problems with these revolutionary changes by the promoter. “We’ve been working on ‘green technologies’ for a while now, and that will be explained in detail by Martin Koloc when he returns from Dubai. Right now, the most important thing for us is to start racing again. We’re trying to handle this biggest challenge, that we never even dreamt of, step by step. We all are going through these incredibly difficult times and I believe that we’ll help the fans to relax a bit,” adds Jan Kalivoda.

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