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Petr Bošnakov - 14.07.2020

‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ says Tomáš Enge

As the Buggyra Racing’s truck team headed to France for testing, Tomáš Enge got behind the wheel together with his sister Lucie and together they took Ford Escort RS 2000 to Rally Bohemia on the weekend. He finished 2nd in historic cars category.


‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ says Tomáš Enge

While the first and only Czech Formula 1 driver in history believes in that being second is to be the first of the ones who lose, famously once said by Ayrton Senna, he is happy about his result. “Just a shame that the weather was so good. If it was wet, just a bit, I could have done something about that horsepower shortage. So I’m definitely satisfied,” said Tomáš. Back in 2003, when he was a top specialist on racing circuits, he already did a couple of Czech rally events with Škoda Octavia WRC and Ford Focus WRC. At Rally Sprint in Prague, he even managed to beat Václav Pech. “I had some offers to do rally, I was really thinking about that. But then I got a Formula 3000 offer, followed by a seat at Prodrive Ferrari with a start at Le Mans. After that, I went to IndyCar and even did the legendary Indianapolis 500. And I tried also the American Le Mans Series. So, I had never a reason to regret it.”


Yet, he understands why Kimi Räikkönen did switch to WRC in 2010 and 2011, after winning the world championship in Formula 1. “You need to be motivated. The only thing that circuits and rally have in common, is that you have your hands on a steering wheel while trying to go fast in something with four wheels. Also, keep in mind that Kimi went directly to the WRC, he wasn’t afraid of competing against the very best. Maybe, if he had stayed a bit longer, gained some experience, he could have achieved some results. However, after his return to F1 in 2012, he was racing in Lotus and he was even in a championship battle for a while. That says a lot about his skills.”


While cancelling of the Chinese GT championship has not given Tomáš Enge any reason to be happy, he believes that every problem like this could be a beginning of something else. “Buggyra has hired Jaroslav Janiš and we have more time to prepare. I believe, that we can fight for the win, since the very beginning,” he added. 

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