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Every One Point in Hand is Better Than Two in the Bush...

Every One Point in Hand is Better Than Two in the Bush...

David Vršecký closed his today ´s successful performance in Le Mans with sixth rank. Yuri Yegorov finished the second race too and ranked seventeenth this time.

David had to work hard already from the beginning when he narrowly escaped becoming victim of the duel between Bösiger and Östreich, which deprived him of one rank. He held the eighth rank till the fourth lap in the course of which Lacheze riding in front of him dropped behind together with David ´s rival fighting with him for the overall fifth rank, Markus Bösiger. "At that moment I needed to score in the finish above all. Regarding the scoring system of this handicap race there was no point in risking anything. A move forward by one rank would not mean any benefit at all," explained David after the race. Thus in the course of the first day of the last racing weekend he beat Markus by the total ratio of 20:10, thus increasing his advantage over him to 10 points. "If I manage to repeat my today ´s performance and score similar points like today I will be absolutely satisfied.” Also the seventeenth ranking Yuri Yegorov could be satisfied, for he had managed to finish both cup races. “I feel I am slowly learning my job in the end. And what is more, I enjoy the truck racing more and more!"

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