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Petr Bosnakov - 14.10.2021

Every point will be on the line in Misano

Despite the cancellation of the race at the Nürburgring, which was put on hold by a natural disaster unprecedented until then, the good thing in the form of the realization of a full-fledged championship has succeeded. In the unconventional venue of the last race at the Misano circuit, Buggyra intends to bring its already successful season to a successful conclusion.


Every point will be on the line in Misano

That is why the team of Adam Lacko - Téo Calvet - Aliyyah Koloc will be fighting for points and trophies in Italy. "Whatever the outcome from Buggyra's point of view, the work of the promoter, who managed the organisation of the championship and the revolutionary switch to bio-diesel, must be highlighted. Truck racing is clearly going in the right direction," said team owner Martin Koloc. "Adam is doing a high standard of work, Buggyra Academy has delivered drivers with unexpected growth potential in the form of Téo and Aliyyah. So we are satisfied with the belief in an even more successful future."  

A possible chess game

With Adam 49 points behind leader Norbert Kiss ahead of Misano, it is clear that the title is unlikely to be on the cards this year, but on the other hand, why not try for a miracle. "In Norbert's case, anything is possible, but first I have to beat Sasha Lenz by at least four points," says Adam, who will be facing a battle for second place on his favourite circuit. "Considering the championship development, it cannot be ruled out that the overall podium will be fought for until the last race, as both Antonio and Jochen have a certain chance. I like tight races."

During the two-week break, the team was mainly concerned with the set-up and performance of the race truck. "In Le Mans and Jarama, the superpole on Saturday didn't work out for us; it makes a difference whether you start from the front row or the third row. Hopefully we have moved on somewhere. So far I've been able to close the gap in the races, but at Misano it's really going to be about every point. It can also be a tactical chess game."  

Ambitious youth
The new French truck champion celebrated his first European win in Jarama, and is keen to help Adam to a second place in Misano, having broken into the elite six himself in his first season. The cherry on the cake could then be winning the Goodyear Cup. "It's going to be tough though, Steffi is 18 points clear of me due to my non-participation at Le Mans, Shane has a 32 point lead. I don't know much about Misano, but I'm certainly not going into the race with the French championship title as the end of the line for me this year," says Téo determinedly. 

Alliyyah Koloc is done for the year in the haulers after the Jamaican superpole and the points from the Cup race, yet she goes to Italy with a clear goal. "My dad and David always tell me to enjoy the race, which I do. I'm going to try to drive at Misano to help Téa in the Goodyear Cup. Hopefully I can do that," hopes the fastest female trucker on the planet. 

A good bet for perspective
While Adam Lacko intends to attack the second place in the individual championship, he and Téo Calvet will defend the silver in the Teams' Cup. They will arrive in Misano with a twenty-three-point lead over the pair of Jochen Hahn - Steffi Halm in the Iveco specials. "There is a healthy rivalry between the teams, who wouldn't want to beat, even if "only" in the team competition, the six-time European champion," says Buggyra's head of communications Jan Kalivoda, adding that the winning pair of Albacete - Kiss (MAN), who won in advance, were hard to beat this year. "Winning the Teams' Cup is a nice thing, but Buggyra opted for youth and a long-term perspective in the form of Téa. As it turns out, it was the right choice."


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