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Petr Bošnakov - 18.09.2020

“Everything has its time,” says David Vršecký

Following Adam Lacko’s victory on Saturday, David Vršecký is the only person in a truck racing history that celebrated a victory in a Buggyra team both as a driver and as a truck constructor.


“Everything has its time,” says David Vršecký

But that is not an easy thing to achieve, as we have seen in the past even in case of the biggest Formula 1 stars. Legendary champions like Graham Hill or Alain Prost spent some unsuccessful years in the sport with their own cars. On the other hand, Ross Brawn, who never raced in his life, managed to win a 2009 world championship with just one perfect idea – a double diffuser. “First of all, I wouldn’t dare to compare myself to such Formula 1 legends. Anyway, it’s always a combination. It doesn’t matter how good a constructor you are, if you don’t have a top driver. Also, a star behind the wheel can’t succeed without a machine that works well. As a former driver, who has achieved something, I know what I want from the vehicle and I know pretty well how to get it. But also, as a constructor, I need a driver who knows how to handle the car and their driving style is close to my style of thinking. That’s why Martin Koloc has chosen Gerd Körber to develop the MK 001, while I work with Adam. Meanwhile, Téo and Aliyyah are growing up with the DV50. And in the case of Aliyyah, it’s even faster than expected. But everything has its time,” says the two-time European champion and a constructor of the DV50 racing special, that took Adam Lacko to 7 victories in 11 races.


But unlike with the drivers, it is up to the constructors to realise when the chosen path is not leading towards the planned results. “It’s a bit easier for the drivers in this way. Once the race is over, they just take off the helmet, tell the engineers what’s wrong and what to do. If the data doesn’t show that it was the driver’s error, the constructor must start from the beginning. Over the last few years, I’ve remembered some projects that I killed as a driver and today I know that it was premature…”


And it has also helped David to understand football coaches. “I never took football seriously and I never believed the coaches, when they said how easy it is for the players. Today, I know what they’re going through on that bench. The driver feels like they’re completely in control, while the constructor just keeps wondering what might happen until the last corner.“

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