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Excellent Achievement!

Excellent Achievement!

Extremely successful was David Vršecký´s performance in the Saturday cup race at the Le Mans circuit. The only better pilot was the already certain new European champion Jochen Hahn.

David started the race from the fourth starting position. In the first curve he showed to the domestic pilot Janiec how to start faultlessly and suddenly ranked third. “Fantastic, I felt wonderful, and although Janiec tried hard, he had little chance. Antonio was in the lead but he did not seem to be as quick as Jochen and slowed him down a little bit,” described David the opening part of the race. His guess later proved to be right, for in the sixth lap Albacete was first overtaken by Hahn and two laps later David managed the same. “A nice feeling but the way Antonio drove revealed some technical problems. I was told to the earphones that Jochen´s advantage amounted to ten seconds, and that I should concentrate on keeping the second rank.“ David fulfilled the command absolutely and finally ranked second again after Nürburgring on another legendary circuit." I am about to come to like it here," he said after the race with a smile.

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